Venue Review: Kraganäs Scout Campsite Sweden

Venue Review of Kraganäs Scout Campsite Overview Venue: Kraganäs Scout Campsite Facebook: /gbgkragenas URL: Cost: approx £11pp / pn (including food & activities) Location: West Coast, Sweden [mapsmarker marker=”14″] The Scout Expedition An entrepid

The morning sun bursting through the woodlands at Kraganäs

Venue Review of Kraganäs Scout Campsite


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The Scout Expedition

An entrepid group of Explorers from Hampshire, travelled to Göteborg (Gothenburg), Sweden and on to Tanumshede to stay at the Kraganäs Scout Campsite. Staying at the site for five days, they then travelled back to Göteborg to stay at a Scout House in Molnlycke and to tour the city before catching a flight home. The total trip was 8 days (Saturday to Saturday) and budgeted at around £400 per person.

I got to know of this campsite when I put out a Facebook request for suggestions of venues to feature on this website. I had been to Vässarö, Sweden, the scout campsite that occupies a whole island in the Stockholm archipelago and loved the experience. When the suggestion came in for the Kraganäs Scout Campsite site, with a little nervousness, I suggested it as the venue for our first ‘proper’ international expedition. I was not disappointed. Nor were the Explorers.

Kraganäs Scout Campsite

Kraganäs Scout Campsite is an approximate 2 hour drive from Göteborg airport. We hired cars as the campsite had indicated that public transport was not the best and would limit any off-site activities. The drive was painfree, with a main road taking us from the out of city airport to only a couple of miles from the site’s entrance.

It was as we arrived that we were hit by two things: the warmth (Sweden has endured rain-free heat since May) and by the view. From the car park we could see rocks that wrapped around the waters of the bay. A bay that we were able to visit every day that we were at the site. Our host cycled up to us and met us speaking great English, as most people in Sweden do. We quickly found our plot and went for a swim in the bay!

The bay at Kraganas invites swimmers and hosts canoeing and rafting

Kraganäs is reached down a long dirt path. To the left is the bay and, soon on your right, is a kiosk and a marquee that hosts the cafe. Outside the cafe is a grass patch that games are played on. A bit further along is the main pitch stretching out away from the bay. Each pitch is lined by a drainage ditch. Our pitch backed on to trees that we hung hammocks on, while others pitched tents. Behind the trees is a more wild field that is used for archery and other activities. Beyond the campsite is a games office, food preparation tent and beyond that woodland leading to a pier and gorgeous views of the sunset.

Kraganäs offers to provide food for attending groups. We took advantage of this, receiving breakfast, lunch and an evening meal. We also hired two cook stations (gas cookers with kit). For 18 people, two cook sets was just enough. We used three gas bottles bought from the site.

On-Site Activities

Our approach to Explorer camps is that we like them to be relaxed with time to just experience the environment. We booked a few activities with Kraganäs Scout Campsite – canoeing, archery, craft (woggle making and soap stone carving), fishing, adventure trail and rafting. There were other games available – Twister and board games, frisbees and more; it wasn’t too long before a football pitch emerged on a shared area.

An important point to note is that Sweden doesn’t use permits to control the leadership of activities. In booking canoeing, we were fortunate to be able to take advantage of a delegate from another group who was able to lead the session. This was just as well as the wind is strong at certain times of the day and we needed the local knowledge to help ensure the event was safe. The campsite’s expectation is that all activities are self-led so do not provide instructors. Even those that the UK Scout Association requires a permit for. Because we are a UK Unit, we still need to abide by the UK rules; it was for this reason that we cancelled archery. An attending leader is permited to lead rafting which was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

A fire ban across Sweden made for a great alternative campfire at Kraganäs Scout Campsite
A fire ban across Sweden made for a great alternative campfire at Kraganas

Off-Site Activities

The environment at Kraganäs is so stunning, we decided to stay on site more than we had planned. Our one trip out was to Norway! We felt that with it so close we should pop over the border. Our destination turned out to be another stunning water’s edge where we swam and jumped off a floating platform. It was also an opportunity to top up on Pick n Mix, something that many Swedish supermarkets still hold dear.


The Kraganäs Scout Campsite is quite raw; the showers and toilets are basic, the pitches are woodland clearings. But it is in the most desirable location! The waters are reasonably safe with a headwind pushing swimmers back to shore. Ladders lead in to the sea providing easy entry and exit from the water. The staff are great – whether leading craft activities or supporting an Explorer arranged international football match (a whole new story!). The campfire was the best I have experienced, in spite of the fact there was a ban on any flames! For so many reasons, Kraganäs has provided the best experience I have had while Scouting.

Star rating: Scout Expeditions Star RatingScout Expeditions Star RatingScout Expeditions Star RatingScout Expeditions Star RatingScout Expeditions Star Rating


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