Scout Fundraising Ideas

This post shares fundraising ideas and encourages the sharing of more to, as is Scout Expeditions’ way, help make adventures happen!

Coming up with effective scout fundraising ideas to support Scouting activities is among a leader’s greatest challenges.

The problem for many leaders is that to support the activities of many young people takes quite a bit of financial support! (Many groups run a hall, a minibus and camping equipment that all get used frequently. This time of the year, groups also have youngsters preparing to go to Jamborees and African expeditions.) With capitation fees set to increase again and awareness that money remains tight for many families, groups have to undertake a good number of scout fundraising initiatives.

The purpose of this post is to share fundraising ideas and encourage the sharing of more to, as is Scout Expeditions’ way, help make adventures happen! If you have experience in fundraising and an idea that others can benefit from, please share.

Explorers fundraising to support scouting

Scout Fundraising Ideas #1: BBQs

If there is one thing Scouters can do it is cook outdoors! Our Explorers have developed a reputation for cooking and selling Bacon Butties in the mornings and Hot Dogs and Burgers over lunch time. Self-contained, they are able to turn up, set up and get cooking within an hour. Being in the community has been important for the group and they have been invited to run BBQs at events including for a local school, the archery club and running events. Depending on the occasion, we can make between £75 and £200 profit.

Scout Fundraising Ideas #2: Craft Sales

We have often made craft for sale at events. Two Explorers took their creativity to a new level by potting plants and creating pictures using natural materials, shown above. Scouts have also produced items for sale in the run up to Christmas, with Christmas Cards being made by Explorers and Scouts (using a local college’s Litho Printing equipment), reindeer ornaments made from holly and twigs and coasters made from sliced wood.

I have recently heard of one Scout that invested in a Candy Floss maker and declared it her most effective fund raising approach. This enterprising young lady is off to the Jamboree!

[Not the kind of event we take pictures of, but imagine Scouts standing around a car park!]

Scout Fundraising Ideas #3: Stewarding

Scouts have provided stewards for car parking and many events. This usually requires a few of the older Scouts and / or Explorers and their parents, and a healthy risk assessment! To date Scouts have been asked to steward for: a local musuem’s special events, fire works displays, classic car rally, an event at a National Trust property and the local Lions Club’s Christmas Collection.

This can raise between £20 and £150 each time. 

Scout Fundraising Ideas #4: Apple Picking

A local landowner invites our Scouts to his orchard for a couple of hours of apple picking. The family are supporters of scouting and frequently join in our district’s activities.

Once a year we meet at the orchard and spend two hours picking apples from the trees. We make it a game so that everyone has some fun. At the end of the session, the landowner has several crates of apples for processing in to juice.

The benefit to the group is that we get a share of the juice that we are able to use; to sell, to give, whatever we want.

Over to you

What activities have worked for you? What do you recommend other leaders to help their youngster undertake that are manageable and effective? Let us know here or on the Facebook page.

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