Privacy Policy

Scout Expeditions Ltd, and its associated website domains (hereafter collectively referred to as ‘Scout Expeditions’), collects and uses information (including but not limited to website use, name, email address, and data that can be used as contact information, and data around the activities undertaken in the name of scouting) in order to provide and improve its online experience and services.

In agreeing to this privacy policy you agree to and understand the following statements:

Regarding Cookies

  1. Scout Expeditions uses industry standard website cookies and tracking tools to monitor and improve the functions and experience offered. You are requested to accept the use of cookies in order to use the website – you will be asked monthly.
  2. Cookies used do not collect personally identifiable information such as name or email address.
  3. You can find out how to best manage your cookies via this link.

Regarding your Personal Information

  1. Scout Expeditions respects the privacy of individuals and conforms to the applicable laws and regulations on the use of personally identifiable data.
  2. Scout Expeditions operates practices and procedures to protect all data submitted and held, and protect from disclosure, loss, alteration and other inappropriate use.
  3. Scout Expeditions holds and processes any personal information submitted for the purpose that it was offered in, whether it be to sign up to the newsletter, take part in the forum or share a Scouting experience.
  4. Any individual that makes contact with Scout Expeditions has the right to terminate any or all communications with the company; subscriptions to the newsletters can be managed from within received emails.
  5. Scout Expeditions will only share any personally identifiable data collected if required to do so by a court of law.
  6. Scout Expeditions will not make public the contact information of any individual, unless the user voluntarily chooses to through the use of the website.
  7. Scout Expeditions reserves the right to use information collected via the use of the service, to further the purpose of Scout Expeditions.
  8. In the event you are unhappy with the Scout Expeditions experience, you may contact us at any point and request the removal of any information held about you.