Hampshire Scouts take on Camping Challenge

Over the night of Saturday, January 12, four leaders slept out as a part of a Camping Challenge set by Hampshire Scouts.

Leaders have led the way at 8th Alton Scout Group in stepping up to take on the Camping Challenge set by Hampshire Scouts.

Over the night of Saturday, January 12, four leaders slept out on what turned out to be a pleasant night. One leader chose to be cosy in a tent. Three took the opportunity to test their mettle by sleeping in bivi bags by a glowing fire.

What is the Camping Challenge?

According to Hampshire Scouts the aim of this challenge is for Explorer, Network Scouts and Leaders to camp for one night every month during 2019. A Camping Challenge badge & certificate will be issued in December 2019 once complete.

  • The minimum standard to get the badge is 12 nights away with a camp in at least 10 months. You can play a ‘wildcard’ for 2 months if you are unable to camp.
  • The challenge is open to all. So anyone who cannot camp may stay indoors for some or all of the nights.

The First of Twelve

For 8th Alton, the challenge has begun with leaders representing Beavers, Cubs, Explorers and the GSL sleeping under the stars. Explorers will join in the challenge camping under a passport.

The GSL Team, Cubs, Explorers and Beavers were well represented

Reflecting on the night, the team found it quite pleasant with the only real interruption coming from local youth, they assume, playing music from their car stereos at volume. The real surprise was the choice of music. It was quite strange to listen to “A sailor went to sea, sea, sea, to see what he could see, see, see” at volume at 2am!

Hampshire Scouts has stated that to make the challenge more challenging, it is possible to extreme it up by:

Camping below zero degrees (freezing!)
Camp in a hammock overnight
And in a Bivi overnight
Camp in a 2 man tent with 3 people, or one more person than the tent suits.
Sleep underground for a night
Camp over 2m off the ground for a night
And a few other criteria.

Our thought is that, while a Hampshire initiative, this is a great way for all groups to come together and take on a challenge. For the leaders at 8th, it was a really good opportunity for leaders that had only met in passing to spend time together and share experiences.

Do you do something similar? How do you keep camping exciting and appealing for your young people? Share your ideas on our Facebook page or Contribute your own experiences here.

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