Scout Expeditions Story

The Scout Expeditions Story begins as many concepts do; a problem!

Paul is an Explorer Scout Leader with many nights away under his belt but only one expedition. In planning his second scout expedition, he struggled to find information that was relevant to his group. The list included:

  • something for about 12-15 teenagers
  • an action packed programme
  • challenges that would excite and engage
  • to achieve this on a realistic budget.

He struggled to find useful information.

Paul led his Explorer Unit on a Scout Expedition to Scotland, Summer 2016

The success of Paul’s first Scout expedition was largely due to one thing: his co-leader had an in-depth knowledge of the destination and the activities available. This helped the expedition be delivered at a reasonable cost. Wanting to deliver an expedition of greater success, he set his expectations high. Paul began to plan an adventure that would take in the Arctic Circle complete with snow walks, dog sled rides and igloo building. Researching around, it became clear that the cost would exceed budget restrictions of teenagers.

Paul knew that Scout expeditions had been run in such places because he had heard of them, there are a few mentioned across the internet. A few years ago, he had even been involved in a trip to Sweden that had benefited from a leader that had a close relationship with the country and knew a Scout group that would be able to put up the group for a few nights in their hut. Access to this type of inside information from those that understand the demands of Scouting was what he needed.

[Update: Because of a review left on, Paul’s explorer group went to Kraganäs Scout Campsite. The principle behind this concept works! 🙂 ]

And this is the Scout Expeditions Story. sets out to be THE one-stop resource for leaders looking to deliver great Scout expeditions.

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