Our Why

I know that Scout leaders (we) struggle with time, ideas and access to information when planning and delivering captivating expeditions. (Read the ScoutExpeditions.com story.)

Having run an International Expedition (an English Unit going to Scotland counts as ‘International’, right?!) and overseen Duke of Edinburgh Expeditions for over three years, I know that youngsters really get a kick out of Scouting expeditions. This is especially true when they are fun, engaging and challenging.

Adventures provide young people with the opportunity to learn, to develop, to build relationships and to learn to trust each other. Experiences that stay with them for life.

ScoutExpeditions.com, a free to use web portal, seeks to better facilitate the creation and delivery of these adventures. This is through making it easier for leaders to plan events that are full of excitement and challenges without the uncertainty that going in to an expedition without the benefit of someone else’s experience would bring.

Our belief is that shared knowledge makes adventures more accessible to all.

Our service is to better equip leaders of Scout groups, Explorer Units, Network and Duke of Edinburgh expeditions. In turn, more young people can experience the type of adventures that positively influence their lives.

Sharing your experiences is critical to helping more young people experience these adventures. You can contribute by sharing your expedition.

ScoutExpeditions.com is run by a warranted Explorer Scout Leader from Hampshire, England.